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facelift procedure

Our Orange County facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging on the face and neck.

Facelift surgery, or a rhytidectomy, is designed to restore a more youthful appearance by removing major wrinkles and sagging skin in the lower face and neck. It involves tightening of the facial and neck muscles as well as the removal of any excess skin.

A well-done facelift can rejuvenate your appearance and make you look as young and vibrant as you feel. To begin planning for your transformation, please contact our office today and schedule a consultation for arguably the best facelift Orange County has to offer.


Children and young adults have smooth, round faces due to evenly distributed fatty tissues in facial contours. Over time, the face loses VOLUME which results in sagging skin sagging and folds around the chin, jawline and neck.

Skin can begin to wrinkle and sag as a result of age, sun exposure and genetics.

Not only does a facelift improve facial appearance but also has a dramatic effect on the neck, enhancing its contour and profile. A facelift can make a patient look 5 to 10 years younger.

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A facelift is frequently performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery, brow lift, chin augmentation, laser skin resurfacing and/or liposuction, to create an overall rejuvenation of the face. The surgeon will make incisions inside the hairline at the temple, in front of the ear, then around the earlobe and behind the ear, ending at the scalp area.

Excess skin is removed and sagging muscles and connective tissues are tightened.

In some cases, fatty deposits are removed from beneath the chin and neck. Incisions are closed with small sutures.


It is necessary to have someone drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours.

Initially you will have a dressing wrapped around your head. On occasion you may have to place surgical drains attached that will be removed in approximately twenty four hours. Stitches around the ears are dis-solvable and do not require removal. Stitches around the ears are dissolvable and do not require removal. Any remaining sutures will be removed in seven to ten days.

The facelift incisions tend to fade quickly and most swelling and bruising should dissipate within two weeks. We recommend that you avoid the sun for several weeks after surgery. After you have healed, you should always protect your skin with sunscreen when you are outside.


Hospital or in-office procedure?

Procedures are performed at a fully accredited outpatient surgical center.

Recovery time (home rest)?

10 days (head band worn for first 7 days)

Operation time?

4 hours

Discharge from Surgery Center?

Same day of surgery.